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I received my first Book of Positive Aspects and Magical Pen in 2012 on my Vortex of Attraction Alaskan Cruise from Esther Abraham Hicks. All attendees received that gift and more. However, I treasure my gifts and have proven time and time again that my Magical Pen is indeed magical and the whole process of Positive Aspects.. 

I became very clear about the process of Positive Aspects in the Abraham's workshop on the cruise.  I used that vacation, with the environs of high flying Abes and vibration to do my processes. I was able to easily go on rampages of appreciation of my "then experiences" and feel the true joy, love and satisfaction of that time of whatever I had manifested.  During my rampages I was listing all, flowing and detaching from the outcome, which was a freeing and enlightening process.

Within approximately one year I manifested a new car and my 2013 Mediterranean Cruise. I had set that intention on my Alaskan Cruise among many others, but that was the most tangible and great confirmation. 

"Things are Always Magically Working out for Me"  is one of the affirmation I love and use  when I am in the vicinity of that vibration or as I try to get in the vicinity of that vibration. As and when I align myself and allow all to unfold naturally with detachment from the outcome, my outcomes appears more and more like "MAGIC" metaphorically of course. I have gentle reminders all around me in my home and car in the forms of inspirational affirmations that are on Dashboard Reflective, Mugs, T-shirts  also books, CD's, DVDs and so forth. These all serve to help me evolve, reconnect and gently nudge me back online, as I fall off line with my experiences.  I get back on and do not stay off line too long.

There are certain aspects of my life that are easier to "flow" than other aspects.  I am still working on all, especially the parts that still is evolving slowly :). I am a work in progress! As Abraham Hicks said that Enlightenment, Mindfulness " is not a certificate of accomplishment you get and put on the wall" It is from moment to moment, either you are allowing, self-aware or resisting, pushing against or self sabotaging! However, with practice we develop the muscle and it gets easier to prevent momentum of undesired or the ability to pivot. There are always room to grow, because there is no end. 

Recently, I felt that I should review and determine what processes works best for me in soothing myself and releasing my resistance.  As I look at some of my present experiences and totally understanding that I am responsible and create all of them; I own that my present experiences I wish to improve is obviously is reflecting my thoughts, vibration and at times, my momentum. The beautiful thing is I am self-aware and I have tools to make the shift!.

I pulled out my Books of Positive Aspects and my Magic Pen and reviewed my notes. I looked at all the "positive aspects of that period and all the times I used it. As I reviewed, it took me to great feeling place, appreciating all the accomplishments. My Magic Pen still writes, Yippee!  I was and still elated by this! ALL IS WELL!

All this to say, I have concluded that it is time to return to my process of Positive Aspects and my Magic Pen, now!  I love that this process helps me to easily slip into that great feeling place and into a state of appreciation for my rampage of appreciation.


Betty -  Well Being Addict  
                 Student of the Teachings of Esther Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer,  Hay House Radio, Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and many more                                            
  Things Are Always Magically Working Out for Me                                                       



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  • Julia

    I love your letter Betty its so simply , beautiful, thankyou for sharing it.

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